Breast implant

Despite the risks involved during surgery and the side effects afterwards, breast implants are widely sought in developed countries. In fact, there were 87,704 surgeries in America alone in 1996. Why do women want big breasts at all and are they fully satisfied with the results? This essay attempts to explore these conundrums.
Many women are obsessed with their appearance and opt for breast implants to look attractive to others especially guys. Although two-thirds of men surveyed in 1997 reported that they are happy with their partner's breasts just the way they are, women seek perfection, which comes at a steep price surgery. Only 19 percent of men admit that they wished their partners' breasts were bigger whereas 26 percent of women say they want super size mammary glands. Nearly twice as many women as men think that droopy breasts are the end of the world. Finally, some women chose surgery to escape from teasing and harassment they experienced because they were small breasted (As if big breasts will shut men up!).
However, implants doesn’t mean that men will go gaga over you or that you’ll have Bo Derek boobs. In fact, your life could get more complicated. The chance of mishap is high: during surgery the patient risks hemorrhage and the abnormal clotting of blood which can cause strokes. Afterwards, the side effects aren’t life threatening but they are distinctively unpleasant. Breast implants can harden and scar breast tissues; the condition is very painful and disfiguring. The silicone gel put in a harder silicon bag to create a natural effect may leak and cause chronic diseases including breast cancer and immune system disorders. If there is a leak, a woman’s breast deflates (can you imagine how embarrassing that would be?) and usually requires immediate removal or replacement. Women who have breast implant surgery are deceiving themselves if they hope implants will s

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