Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is the best start in Life
It is very important for infants to be breastfeed, for thefirst zero-six
months of life.It provides all the nutrients and water need for a healthy
baby.Infants are more likely to eat more on breast milk.Breastfeeding
gives a special bonding, between a mother and her infant.Nursing moms
should pay special attention to what they eat.Healthcare workers should
counsel all mothers on breastfeeding.
During thefirst months of a baby’s life, you should nurse.It is
nutritious and natural, and exclusive breastfeeding provides the best
start in life.The best way to establish the practice is to put the baby to
the breast immediately after birth, and not give any other liquids.Breast
milk has immunological properties and other substance that will protect
infants from serious infection.Some infection, such as, respiratory, ear,
urinary tract, and even death can be caused by animal milk or formula.
breast milk is inexpensive, no bottles are needed.The amount of iron in
formula does not affect an infants bowel functions.In fact, according to
The American Academy of Pediatrics, giving low-iron formulas to a baby
could leadto anemia, a deficiency in red blood cells that can result in
learning delays down the road.Although breast milk contains little iron
( the reason low-iron formulas were originally introduced decades ago ),
the small quantities that are in it can be easily absorbed by an infants
digestive tract.The iron in formula, however, is not as readily absorbed,
so more must be added to ensure that babies get enough.( Keenan, Aug.
Breastfeeding after delivery, encourages the emotionally bonding of
the mother to her infant.The time between the mother and her child are
very special moments that can only be shared between the both of them.
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