Breast Augmentation

Known colloquially as a "boob job," breast augmentation surgery has become an increasingly common cosmetic surgery option for women worldwide. The medical term for breast augmentation surgery is mammaplasty but mammaplasty also refers to breast reduction surgeries. Breast augmentation involves the surgical insertion of a silicone bag filled with salt water beneath the natural breasts. The prosthesis offers the appearance of larger, fuller breasts while allowing the woman to keep her natural nipples. Surgical scars are in most cases hidden well. Women choose to have their breasts enlarged for any number of personal reasons. Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure and does involve some degree of risk that most non-surgical cosmetic procedures do not pose. However, the surgery is widely practiced in the United States by qualified physicians and is generally safe. Breast augmentation can offer a woman a renewed appreciation for her body, correcting problems such as asymmetry, post-pregnancy sagging, age-related sagging, and a number of other issues that affect appearance.
Like any cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation is an act of vanity. Breast augmentation therefore differs only in matters of degree from hair styling, wearing makeup, or whitening teeth. Women spend large amounts of money on beauty products in the quest to look their best. Breast augmentation surgery is one option for women who value the appearance of their chest. For some women, breast augmentation may be considered as a necessary career move. Exotic dancers, models, actors, and anyone in a profession in which appearance reigns will need to build the best body possible and breast augmentation surgery is the only means by which a woman can increase her cup size appreciably without gaining weight. Exotic dancers and nude models cannot pad their bras to achieve the illusion of larger breasts. Rather, their breasts must be a part of their bodies. Augmented…

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