Brave New World – Cloning


I think that cloning is a bad thing as it takes away many of the special things that make us human.I think that the negatives outweigh the positives so therefore I have opted to argue the negatives of cloning.

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Thefirst issue that cloning brings up is the idea that we are losing our individuality.I think that to be brought up in a family that values the individual, I have come to the conclusion that to be cloned is to be made scientifically.I believe that science takes away individuality. I think that if you are made in a test tube with up to 86 identical in the surrounding test tubes, where is the individuality?With twins, finding individuality is hard enough, let alone with 86 other individuals.I think that there is no way there is 86 different personalities, which means that not only are you identical in looks, but also personality.I think that you need to feel as though you are special with your own unique looks and personality.As each of us, are all different looking, with different backgrounds and different views, and if we didn't have these differences, we would be all the same.What would be the point in that?We would have the same ideas and values.I think that unless we are individuals, the world will not move on, as ideas are individual.Cloning would take away all this individuality and leave us being monotones of each other.

I think that also, we will not have a natural body form and looks.With cloning and genetics, you can decide how smart, good looking, tall, short and pretty your child is.Even though we are not all happy with the way we are now, having the perfect set of body images and intelligence.This would just lead to all the so called'perfect' people being unhappy with themselves anyway, as they will not be the only ones who have these qualities but all other children will too.This would be a silly idea, as then the people would just be dissatisfied anyw…

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