brassica rapa

The Effect of Exogenously Applied Gibberellic Acid on the Plant Type Brassica rapa in a Regulated Environment.
The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether the exogenous application of the plant hormone Gibberellic Acid (GA) will increase the growth rate of a Rosette mutant Brassica rapa.A wild type plant was compared to six rosette mutant plants, which have a recessive mutation that prevents the production of Gibberellins, natural plant growth hormones.Gibberellic Acid was applied to six of the plant cells in concentrations of 0, 1, 100, 1000, 10,000, and unknown uM.We compared the height and growth of each plant cell to the control, the 0 uM mutant plant, which represented an unaffected Rosette mutant. Five different measurements of the growth in height of each of the plants were taken over the three week course of the experiment.The data and results analyzed from the experiment helped determine which concentration of Gibberellic Acid has the most effect in the growth response of the Rosette mutants and what the unknown concentration the ?§unknown? Rosette mutant plant was receiving.James Matthew Warner Dishuck and I had the alternate hypothesis that an increase in the concentration of Gibberellic Acid applied exogenously to the Rosettes would result in an increase in plant growth.Our results from our experiment showed that the 1,000 uM and 10,000 uM enhanced Rosette mutants had significant changes in their growth response and height increase through out the experiment, which disproved the null hypothesis that GA enhanced Rosette mutant plants would have a plant growth equal to a Rosette mutant plant unaffected by the plant growth hormone.Gibberellic Acid has a positive effect on the Gibberellins-lacking Rosette mutant Brassica rapa , but after a certain concentration of GA, the plant growth hormone would have a possible negative effect on the Brassica rapa.
Brassica rapa is a diminutive plant dev…

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