brain observation

h more to the brain than an average person realizes.The brain consists of many
different areas,each with its own specific functions.The technology of today has allowed us to
become more familiar with the human brain.Several tests have been developed over time,such as
the M.R.I(Magnetic Resonance Imaging),P.E.T(Positron Emission Tomography),and C.A.T(Computed
Axial Tomography) scan tests in hopes of understanding and solving many issues with the human
brain.The human brain consists of three major parts the cerebrum,cerebellum and the brain stem.
Damage to any part of the brain could lead to very serious or fatal results.Detection of the
brain activity is very important,especially to doctors that specialize with the brain and or
performing surgury.I have personally witnessed a brain operation,but not inside a hospital or
operation theater but in the comfort of my living room televised on the discovery health chanel.
The operation performed was an attempt to remove a brain tumor.According to the medical journal
more than 100,000 thousand americans are diagnosed with a brain tumor every year,and the numbers
are steadily increasing.Unfortunetely a family member of my own is also a part of that statistic.
About a year ago a close relative of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumor.Thefirst signs of
his brain tumor were severe headaches and vomiting.As time passed on he would have siezures and
speech problems.Besides M.r.i scans,c.a.t scans etc. a biopsy operation was performed on my uncle
to determine and indentify what type of specific tumor it is.After the the operation his tumor
wasnt considered malignant(cancerous),but continuous treatment was still required.To this day
my uncles still recieves various treatment from surgury to medications.
To conclude,different areas make up the human brain.Each area has its own particular job

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