brain lateralization

Language comes naturally to human and is one of the attributes that distinguish us from animals. It is an innate trait, which enables a child to master a language at an early age. Researches showed that the critical age and the cognitive specialization of the brainmight have played a part in this.However language needs nurturing in a way of proper exposure to ensure its smooth progress.

Whatever it is, the knowledge of the factors above does register some significance to me personally.I am now planning to expose my children to more than one language before they reach the schooling age. Probably Malay and English, which of course will involve my husband and I conversing with them in two languages at a time, thus creating a natural environment for them to attain the language.

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Realizing their exasperating penchant for remembering and repeating everything they hear, I've now restricted their access to television to mainly children's programs.However when they do occasionally watchmovies, I make a point to sit with them and act as an interpreter for certain concepts which they can't comprehend.

Being an adult student, and going through my mid thirties and way past the critical age, I somehow have not suffered any setbacks regarding the acquirement of a new language, yet.In fact, I took two Arabic courses two years ago and did not find it as difficult as I thought.Probably, this is due to maturity and the influence of some intrinsic motivation. However now that I'm aware of the plasticity of the brain and afraid mine might just harden or give up on me, I try my very best to work twice as hard on my studies.

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