Brain Chemicals

Has anyone ever thought about what actually separates people from one another?I believe people are controlled by chemicals that are produced in the brain called seratonin and dopamine.I once took in the idea that ethics, role models, and the government play an enormous role in who we are.We develop ethics through our family and our religion, observing the habits of those we love, and learning morals and ethics through our religion.We will later teach our ethics to our children, and hopefully in return, we will receive a large bonus check when we check out.Our role models, whether good or bad, give us an example of who to become, or even what is ordinary and creative to believe.The government controls everyone, everyday of every week.History tells us that no single community has ever survived without some sort government, because something has to control the giant masses before we devour ourselves in war, death, and plague.For the most part, this is what I believed to be true.However, this didn't answer my question.What is the difference between two best friends who share similar morals, role models, and are both ruled by the same government?I believe that every person lives in a different mind-set, and depending on how his or her chemicals are set up inside the brain, could determine whether they are mentally stable, or legally insane.
Albert Einstein once said, " Man tries to fashion for himself a simplified and intelligible picture of the world; he then tries to substitute this cosmos for his own world of experience….Each makes this cosmos and its construction the pivot of his emotional life in order to find the peace and security he cant find in the narrow whirlpool of personal experience."Albert Einstein was ahead of his time when thinking of something of this degree.Studies of perception were only beginning to take place in the late 60's.
Seratonin is the chemical inside …

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