bowlbys deprivation hypothesis

Evaluate Bowlby's Deprivation Hypothesis
In his hypothesis, Bowlby believed that an infant's failure to attach to a primary caregiver would have long term effects.This essay will attempt to evaluate Bowlby's deprivation hypothesis.Firstly, the terms'attachment' and'deprivation' will be defined.Following that, a full definition of the hypothesis will be made, and then an attempt will be made to describe and understand the studies and period of history that lead to Bowlby's ideas and the influence they generated.A full evaluation will be made of his deprivation hypothesis, including detailed criticisms of his theory.Finally, conclusions will be drawn to show if Bowlby's deprivation hypothesis can still retain any credibility.
Thefirst task is to define the terms attachment and deprivation.In 1973 the leading attachment psychologist, Mary Ainsworth, pointed out that "Attachment is an affectional tie that one person forms to another person, binding them together in space, and enduring over time".Deprivation can occur when there is insufficient opportunity for interaction with a mother figure (privation), when there is insufficient interaction with mother (masked deprivation), or when there are repeated breaches of ties with mother figures.
In 1949, the World Health Organisation became concerned about the number of homeless
children, or children who were growing up in institutions as a result of the war years.They
commissioned Bowlby to look into this matter, and to report to them whether these children were
likely to be suffering from their experiences, and what the best kind of upbringing for such
children was.Bowlby concluded that a warm intimate and continuing relationship with a mother figure is an essential precondition for mental health.Maternal deprivation or a disturbed emotional attachment between mother and child was said to cause i…

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