Bovine TB

Mycobacterium bovis (Bovine Tuberculosis) (or cattle Tuberculosis) wasfirst discovered by Columella (Louis Junius Moderatus Columella) which was born in Cadiz, Spain and resided in Northern Italy when he discovered the bovine Tuberculosis in the year 14 A D.In 1882 Robert Koch discovered that the connection between human and animal Tuberculosis actually were established. When Koch realized that children were becoming infected from contaminated cow’s milk most nations brought out legal instruments designed to remove chronically infected animals and take a look at the public health aspect of the problem.
Mycobacterium bovis is the bacterium that causes bovine Tuberculosis. It manifests itself in livestock (especially in cattle and hogs) and it has also affected wild life such as White Tailed Deer, Bear, Coyotes, Raccoons, and Bobcat in the northeastern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. From 1995 to 1999 17,721 deer from six counties (Alpena, Montmorency, Oscoda, Alcona, Presque Ile, and Otsego) in Michigan were taken and examined and to date only 228 deer, 1 bear, 5 coyotes, 2 raccoons, and 1 bobcat have tested positive for bovine Tuberculosis. In the same area there was also 3 herds of cattle infected with the disease. This disease is also known all over the country and the world from Australia to New Zealand to the United Kingdom. The most likely way to spread the disease in the wild is the bobcat, coyotes, raccoons,
and bear eating the lungs and lymph nodes of infected animals.
There are three main types of bovine Tuberculosis: human (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis)which can affect humans and can be transmitted to dogs, cats, cattle, hogs, goats, sheep, and most any other mammal on earth, bovine (Mycobacterium bovis) which affects animals and can be transmitted to humans (but it is very rare that this may happen), avian (Mycobacterium avian complex) which primarily effect only birds but in some case…

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