Bovine tb

Every year thousands of animals all across the world are infected with a
deadly disease which is known as Bovine Tuberculosis, or more
Tuberculosis is a chronic disease that can affect any part of the body
but is commonly found in the lungs.
This disease dates back to the early 19th century when it was found in
humans, mainly the scientists who had been working with the disease.
Because of the work that these and other men did that dealt with the
disease, a vaccine was developed in 1924 called BCG (Bacillus
Calmette-Guerin) by two French bacteriologists named Albert Leon
Not only do humans contract the disease but animals such as deer,
cattle and goats can also be infected.Once a single animal is infected
with the disease it can be passed to other animals from nose to nose
contact which could occur at feed piles or when animals are mating.On
the same note most people that are infected with the disease come from
areas of over crowding and poverty where there is very little sanitation.
There are only a few ways to know that you are infected with the
disease and the main one is to have a chest X-ray.The X-ray will reveal
any presence of lung lesions and if these are found you will have to
Do to the recent outbreak of tuberculosis you should ask your doctor
about checking and if you shoot a deer or have cattle you should have

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