History of Botulism (Its effect on society)

Botulism has been known ever since the early 1800's.Botulism received its name from "Botulus", the Latin word for sausage; because of a wave of poisoning from contaminated sausages.Though there haven't been any major epidemics in history for botulism, they have been a few minor outbreaks that have been recorded.Thefirst occurred in Wildbad, Germany when thirteen people ate a locally popular blood sausage that led to six of the thirteen people dying.The second out break occurred in the late 1800's; a music club had performed and ate a raw-salted ham.During the next two days, twenty-three of the thirty-four members became ill with increasing neuromuscular paralysis.This resulted in having three of the members dying and leaving 10 nearly dead.
Botulism is most common in the U.S. due to the popularity of home canning.Each year there is approximately twenty cases of food-borne botulism reported.Commercial canning companies have become a lot more cautious about their methods of canning and trying as hard as they can to prevent flaws because of the past reports of botulism from canning and also the strict health standards that they must follow.People rarely can at home because of the severity of botulism that can occur if the food to be stored isn't properly canned or if the can loses its' seal.

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Symptoms, Time course and results of the Disease

The symptoms of botulism begins after about eighteen to thirty-six hours after eating the contaminated food containing the bacteria Clostridium Botulinium; but they can occur as early as six hours or as late as ten days.Thefirst symptom that usually appears is muscle weakness beginning with the head.Then, double or blurred vision usually comes next.The third symptom that appears is problems with swallowing or speaking.The last symptom that the body of a person who possesses …

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