There are many types of diseases in the world today.The disease I am doing my report is botulism.Botulism is a very deadly disease.Botulism is a very rare food poisoning that is very deadly.
The name of my disease is Botulism.The part of the body that is effected by this deadly disease is the human intestine and then the nerves.The disease then starts effecting your breathing and unless you are put on artificial breathing you will die from lack of oxygen.The diagnosis of botulism is rare but deadly.
The common cause of botulism is a bacteria.This bacteria is called Clostridium botulinum.Bacteria such as this one live in the soil on which we walk and in places that receive no oxygen.An example of a place with no oxygen is in food in which is not properly stored.
There are many symptoms of botulism.The side effects that are not so bad are dizziness and drowsiness.The very worst symptom in which you can receive from botulism is death.The symptoms often take about a day to occur after getting the disease.
Botulism is mainly passed through caned foods that are not stored properly.Another way the disease is passed on is by eating foods contaminated by botulinum spores.The second way of receiving the disease is mostly found in infants.
There is not much treatment for the disease botulism.The best thing to do is go to the hospital.There they sound give you oxygen so you do not suffocate from the disease.They sound also watch over you very carefully.
There are no vaccines that I could find for botulism.I am sure there will be one soon.The disease is rare and might not exist long enough for a vaccine to be made.
The chances of surviving botulism are about fifty fifty.Your body is not immune to it.About 50% of people having botulism die.
Botulism is a rare food poisoning that is very deadly.If not treated quickly you could die from suffocation.Artificial breathing is needed

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