The tree investigated was the Quercus. Pinus, L.This was a very interesting tree.To find out all information on this tree, steps were taken by doing hands on work to determine height, age, circumference, leaf and stem differences. Taking layers off the epidermis of the leaf, a transdermal section along with a cross section was done to show differences in the sun and shade leaves. Chromatography and stomata counts were also done in the sun and shade leaves.Stem longitudinal sections were also used to show differences in sun stems and shade stems.By investigating the parts of the tree mentioned, also proved information that was noted for the Q. pinus.A computer was also used to find very accurate descriptions of this tree to help with data noted.
Stomata counts showed the shade leaf produced more stomata than the sun leaf.The sun leaf also showed more chlorophyll than the shade leaf, showing more energy is trapped for photosynthesis in the sun leaf.The Q.pinus can grow from a range of fifty – hundred and fifty feet.Its native habitat is dry soils even though it is a moist driven tree.The Q. pinus is a tree that's fruit is not just utilized by squirrels, it's also used by other mammals including humans. This tree also has many uses for it, making it an all around tree. Its used for nesting, lumber, furniture, and ink.
"Trees are without doubt, the most valuable things on earth.They are a source of the raw materials for many useful products.They purify air, keep our soil from washing away, and affect our weather patterns" (Rost, 1998 p. 101). For these reasons, the Botany laboratory class was given a semester assignment to completely describe a tree located on campus.My colleague and I was given was the Quercus pinus, L.. The family name is the Fagaceae Quercus pinus and the common name is the Chestnut Oak tree.Identity, morphology, anatomy, transpiration and photosynthesis, f…

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