Botany of desire

In the Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan chapter one The Apple and chapter four The potato emphasizes on how humans have taken stand in trying to control nature by the use of technology such as genetic engineering. The dream of controlling the seed of plants such as apples and potato’s to satisfy the human desire for perfection. A process that goes farther back then genetic engineering, it goes back to farmers and simply planting a seed. The way Johnny Appleseed planted apples in the new world and the Europeans introduced the potato to the Irish. America’s desire for sweet, beautiful apples and for long french fries is leading us towards an agricultural disaster in the future.
As ambitious scientist strive to convince the world that altering foods by using technology such as genetic engineering will benefit human kind, public opinion or environmentalists such as Pollan argue that they pose a threat to human kind and the planet. Human have tried to alter their environment ever since the beginning of time to make their lives easier by growing their own food. A world were technology is the answer to almost everything and humans have committed to rely on science to solve the problems that science itself has caused. For instance foods like the New leaf potato, created by Monsanto, that have natural insecticide built into their genes to protect themselves from insects and disease without the help of pesticides. The New Leaf potato has Bt to create a toxin that kills the Colorado potato beetle. What will happen when these beetles develop a resistant to this insecticide? It will become useless, and scientist will have to fix that problem by developing a stronger insecticide that could cause dangers to human health.Organic growers use this because its natural, but after insects grow resistant to it , they will know longer be able to protect there crops. One could suggest to go completely organic. It could be done

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