Borderline Personality Disorders

According to the latest estimate, five million Americans fit the profile of the borderline personality disorder. One moment calm and engaging, the next raging and impulsive, guilty and self-mutilationg. “Borderlines” puzzle those around them, straining relationships to the breaking point. Many psychiatrists define B.P.D.’s as “a problem with who you are.” It is one of the most complicated forms of mental illnesses.
They tend to have many problems in thier relationships. They get invloved with other people quickly, but things also get wierd quickly. They’re impulsive in a number of ways, many are related to suicide attempts. These attempts usually occur because of a problem in a relationship.
People who are most likely to be able to borderline patients are those with extremely high I.Q.’s or other positive personality traits, and mothers with many children.
B.P.D. is characterized by stable and persistant ways of behavior and thought. Most psychiatrists say that borderlines are the neediest people in the world, but alienate everyone they seek love from.
Borderline Personality Disorder is caused by some defect in early attatchment that leads to the person searching for some type of protective relationship which makes up for what they “unfairly” didn’t get in their childhood. It’s a desperate search for someone who will take care of them. Most patients can function well as long as they have someone they feel will be there to care for them and believe in them. If the patient feels any sourt of betryal from thier specia lperson, they wll become abusive, obsessive,and in some cases, maybe even stalk the person. Sometimes a person with the disease will even become self-destuctive b/c they will want care ir protection from others. This is how they prevent people from leaving them.
Borderline patients do learn from experience. By the time they are 30 years old, they will be able to build relationships or they…

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