Book Review on Campaign Finance

Campaign finance reform has already become an issue for debate in this election year’s primaries.This matter does not hold a large amount of interest for the average American, it is not an issue that is going to sway a large amount of voters.The book examines all facets of campaign finance including sources of contributions and finance reform.The book then takes a close, hard look at the 1980 presidential election and the 1982 congressional races.The author approaches the subject matter in a very thorough and systematic method.He makes very insightful comments on the state of campaign finance in the early 1980’s which are still relevant in this election year because this issue has been an important facet of the primary debates.The book discusses the history of campaign reform from its beginnings in the early 20th century. The book touches on the theoretical aspects of election campaign finance, but is more a study of hard data and facts, the history of campaign spending in a few different periods and the actual evolution and cash explosion that now creates a truly national spectacle.
Alexander begins the book describing why such large amounts of political campaign money is needed.”Since the Republic’s founding, printing has been the most basic campaign expense.” (Alexander, 5).Alexander explains that printed reading materials including pamphlets, flyers, mailings and placards represent a huge chunk of the cost of running for office.The evolution of campaigning has drastically changed the landscape.Extensive and intense media coverage has increased the need for a politician to be always prepared for a direct examination by a journalist.Alexander notes that the largest increase in campaign spending began in the 1950’s, with the introduction of television and the advent of the commercial.Between the 1948 and the 1952 elections, enough Americans had bought television sets that the candidates in the 1952 electio…

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