Bonobos are African apes related to the chimpanzee and the closest to humans. Bonobos are only found in the Congo, south of the Congo River. They are very similar to chimpanzees except that they have smaller heads, flatter faces, and longer lower limbs than chimpanzees. They share 98.4% of the same genetic make-up (DNA).
Bonobos have many similarities to humans. One important and not very common to other apes is the way they walk. Bonobos walk bipedally, on two feet, more easily and for longer periods of time than the other apes. They are also very intelligent. They have been able to learn the meanings of many human words, and can be trained to communicate with humans using sign language.
The bonobo society is more peaceful, because they don't have to fight for the females. Like humans, bonobo females are sexually receptive throughout most of their estrus cycle. Chimpanzees on the other hand, only mate during the few days when a female is fertile. They have all kinds of sex, male – male, female – female, male- female. Similar to many humans today.
Bonobos diet is slightly different from ours. They eat termites, ants, worms, small reptiles and squirrels. They also eat Fruit, leaves, stems, shoots, honey. . Bonobos usually walk on all fours, supporting the upper part of their bodies with their knuckles. Humans only walk on twos (our legs). Theyuse sex instead of aggression. Instead of war they make love. Humans go to war with each. Maybe we should learn from bonobos to make love instead of war.
Only a relatively small number of bonobos remain in the wild today. Sadly we are losing a lot of primates because of us. I have learned so much about bonobos and found them quite interesting, especially their sexuality. I find them almost the same as chimpanzees except for the "make love instead of war". Bonobos are also more peaceful and quite than us humans. We have a lot to learn from Bonobos.

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