Bob Brown Book review

The Book review will consist of a critical, reflective analysis of a book which makes a major contribution to green/environmental thought. You will need to obtain approval for the book to be reviewed. The analysis should be approximately 2500 words. Due date is May 15, 2004.
Brown. B. (2004) Memo for a Saner World. Penguin Books Camberwell, Victoria, Australia
Brown's Book is quite an easy read and I would suggest it is aimed at a young audience – most likely young voters.However the fact that this is an election year doesn't make the issues Brown (2004) raises any less poignant.This book also makes clear Brown's emotional connection with his world and his mission, which turns his book of potentially depressing fact and figures on governments, and industries, lack of'Greenness', into an inspirational piece.
As an introduction to'Memo for a Saner World' I have included the blurb which appears on the back cover.It reads thus-
Over the years, Bob Brown has been assaulted, jailed, vilified and shot at for his stance on the environment and human rights. This is his account of the defining moments in that life of activism, from the famous Franklin River blockade to his parliamentary protest against George Bush – a few minutes that gave voice to what many Australians felt but had no way of saying.
By turns inspiring, compassionate and outraged, this personal story of being green makes the key issues easily understood. If you’re someone who avoids reading about the world because you think it’s too depressing, here’s the good news: it’s worse if you don’t know. While some of the facts Bob presents are less than cheerful, his message is powerfully hopeful.
With Bob Brown and the Greens set to become even more influential in Australian life, Memo for a Saner World is an essential record of what he stands for.
The insight into a charter like Brown through his own writings is thwart with …

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