Blood Lab

To show how you determine your blood type.
1. DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE ELSE'S BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. When cleaning up where latex gloves. Put anything that has blood on it in the biohazard container. If anything should get blood on it wipe the blood off with a alcohol swab!
1. Gather 1 alcohol swab, 1 glass slide, 3 toothpicks, cotton balls, grease pencil, 1 band- aid, RH Typing Block, Lancets, and Anti-serums A, B, and RH.
2. Take the glass slide and with a grease pencil divide the slide into 3 sections. Label one section A, the next B, and the last one D.
3. Take the alcohol swab and rub your finger with it, then dry it with a cotton ball or let your finger air dry. Then with a lancet prick your finger.
4. Next take your finger and put a drop of blood on each of the sections on your glass slide.
5. Then take Anti-serum A and put 1 drop on the square that is labeled A. On square B put 1 drop of Anti-serum B, and on square D put 1 drop of Anti-serum RH. Then stir them using separate toothpicks for each one.
6. Then place the glass slide on the RH Typing Block for 2 minutes.
8. Clean up. Follow the safety procedures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I determined that my blood type is O negative. I am this blood type because my blood did not clot in A, B, or D. I can give blood to anybody because the blood does not contain either antigen A or B. This is why my blood type is the universal donor. I can only receive blood from blood group O.
If I married a RH positive person thefirst baby I have will be o

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