blood cell

Blood is composed of cells and fluid, contain many inorganic and organic
molecules.Functions of blood could be falls into three categories:
transport, defense and regulation, they all have different function. Blood
transport oxygen and nutrients and removes waste from the body.It also
transports hormones, which control the body’s organ.Blood defense
pathogens such as bacteria and viruses and it clots, which prevents the loss
of blood.In regulatory functions, blood helps maintain body temperature
A molecule cells use in cellular respiration, transport oxygen, is called
red blood cells.Red blood cells also known as erythrocytes, they are very
small.There are about 4 to 6 millions of red blood cells in our whole
blood.It’s containing a respiratory pigment called hemoglobin.It’s
carries oxygen and it is red in color. In red blood cell, it’s contains
about 200 million hemoglobin molecules.If we losing a big amount of
hemoglobin in our blood, our blood will become thicker, so then is hard to
All blood cells are produced from stem cells with in the red bone marrow.
Stem cell, which can divide, and producing new cells into specific type of
cells.Red blood cells can only live for 120 days, after that, they will
destroyed in the liver and spleen and there are about 2 million cells are
destroyed per second.Therefore, an equal number much be produced to keep
the cell count in balance.People who are lack of hemoglobin will suffer
Blood that playing the role of defends is the white blood cell.White blood
cells also known as leukocytes are differ from red blood cells.It’s fight
infection, they are more largely and being lack hemoglobin.White blood
cells are came from the stem cells in the red bone marrow.They defend us
against pathogens that have invaded into our body. White blood cells are

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