Functions 1. Transportation medium for food and oxygen cells.
2. Transport medium for waste and carbon dioxide from the cells.
3. Movement of hormones, enzymes, immune cells and other chemicals throughout the body.
4. Important in the regulation of body temp.
BLOOD Plasma Solutes Proteins Albumins
-Originate in hemocytoblasts, found in marrow and lymphatic system
-Increase in blood during infection.
Grandular – Basophil-Secretes heparin and histamine. (Anticoagulant and inflammatory response)
– Eosinophil-Cellular defence, phagocytosis of lg. Pathogenic microorganisms and releases antinflamatory substances in allergic reaction.
– Neutrophils-Cellular defence-phagocytosis of sm. Pathogenic microorganism.
Agranulocytes – Lymphocytes-Hormonal defence-secretes antibodies involved in immune system response and regulation.
– Monocytes-Can migrate out of blood into tissue as a macrophage capable of eating bacteria cellular debris and cancerous cells.
-no nucleus, very sm. Biocave disks allow them to squeeze thought tiny areas.
-Transports oxygen and carbon dioxide.
-Produced in bone marrow (Erythropoiesis)
-Short life, no DNA so they cannot divide and replenish.
-They are broken down and recycled.
-Blood Clotting (When blood is removes they join together.
-They have no nucleus and are formed in the Red Bone Marrow. By fragments of very lg. Cel

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