One of the most silent and unspoken truths about society today is the issue of prejudice and all of its faces.Prejudice take on many different shapes, sizes and colors and is found to be one of the hardest topics to talk about.Because weather we want to admit it or not, we all are prejudice to some degree.The one thing that makes the human race unique is that we are all different, and it is these differences that cause people to act in negative ways against other people.
After watching a special Dateline NBC production about block-busting, I soon realized that hidden prejudice is happen right here in my own community, La Crosse, WI.Now La Crosse seems to be a small town place but after thinking about how the city is divided up the answer was right in front of me.Most of the lower income housing is on the North and South side of Lacrosse.Now not all of the North or South of La Crosse is block-busted but areas like Jackson St. or upper south side residence is mostly lower income housing.To be more specific, a lot of Hmong families live right off of Mormon Coulee Rd. and Caledonia St.You don't see to many White families living in that area, most are either around the Main through Market St. sections stretching back all the way to the bluffs around 40th or 43rd street.And just like the issues that are in Matteson Illinois, you can find right here in La Crosse, WI.
Another source of block-busting entitled "Mixing it up in the Burbs" is about a White family who moves to a Black suburban neighborhood and tells a story of pride and friendship.The Holsmans family finally finds the house of their dreams in Woodmore Highlands.Many of their friends and close acquaints warn them not to move to that area of the city, but the couple couldn't resist.You see, this family was not blinded by the stereotypes that plague our country.And because of it, they have with them apa

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