Black Hole Formation
Stars are affected by two main forces: Nuclear fusion, and gravitation Black Holes are the result of an imbalance of these two forces.
Nuclear fusion- the outward force from the star’s centre and gravitation- the force pulling inwards. These two processes balance one another until all the star’s hydrogen is exhausted, allowing gravitation to take over. Once gravitation dominates, the star becomes unstable and starts to collapse. As the core compresses, it heats up and results in a supernova explosion in which the material and radiation blasts out into space. If what remains of the star is greater than 3 times the mass of our sun, it will continue to collapse and form a black hole.

Relation to General Relativity

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Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity suggests that the most densest and massive objects conceivable, such as black holes, have gravity that is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape their grasp.

I do not fully understand Einstein;s general theory of relativity but I;m going to try and give everyone a very basic understanding of why Einstein thought space and time are not separate but closely connected known as space-time.

When we describe the position of a flying plane we can use length, width and height these make up the three dimensions of space. But another dimension can be used time, these four dimensions make up space-time. The fundamental aspect of general relativity is effect that matter, with a gravitational field, has on the curvature of space, rather on the four dimensional space-time.

One way to visualise Einstein;s view of gravity was to think of the rubber sheet analogy described in many texts. In order to understand this, consider a sheet of rubber, with a weight placed on it, to represent a star. The weight will form a depression in the rubber, causing the sheet near the star to be curved, rather than flat. If one now rolls marbles on the…

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