Black holes

There are many myths about black holes due mainly to the sci-fi world of Hollywood; many people view black holes as time-traveling tunnels to another dimension or cosmic vacuum cleaners sucking up everything in sight. These are myths and I am going to set the real story straight on blacks holes in this paper.
A black hole is defined in the dictionary as "An object whose gravity is so strong that not even light can escape from it."(5) It can be said that black holes are really just the evolutionary end point of massive stars. But these short answers don't really clear up any confusion on the black hole.
· How does a black hole form?
Black holes are the endpoints of stars at least 10 to 15 times as massive as the Sun. If a star that massive undergoes a supernova explosion, it may leave behind a fairly massive burned out stellar remnant, which is basically a star with non-sufficient energy power and with no outward forces to overcome the gravitational forces. Due to this phenomenon the remnant will basically collapse in on itself. The star will eventually collapses to the point in which it has no volume and an infinite density, creating what scientist refer to as a"singularity". (4)
As the density increases, the path of light rays emitted from the star are bent and eventually wrapped around the star. Any emitted light is trapped into an orbit by the intense gravitational field; and will never leave it. Because no light escapes from the star after it reaches this infinite density, it is called a black hole.(4)
· Is a Black Hole a "Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner"?
Contrary to popular belief, a black hole is not a cosmic vacuum cleaner. For an object to be sucked into a black hole it needs to be extremely (in space terms) close to the black hole itself. "For instance, if the sun was suddenly replaced with a black hole of the same mass, the only thing that would change would be the E…

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