Black Holes

The universe as we know it is an amazing thing.There is so much we have learned, but there is even more that we have yet to understand.One of the great mysteries of the universe is the black hole.While most people are not really sure of what they are, some think that they are a magical gateway into another galaxy or another part of our universe.The mystery surrounding the black hole is what made me interested in them.
Thefirst scientists to study black holes and the collapsing of stars were Robert Oppenhimer and his student Hartland Snyder, early in the nineteen hundreds.They came up with the name'black hole' because of the fact that not even light could escape their gravitational pull.The second part, hole, is due to the actual hole where everything is absorbed and where the center core is found.
Since all black holes are created from the collapse of a star, one must know a little bit about how a star is formed.A star is created when huge gas clouds come together.Then they join and form a hot core that is made from all the energy within the two gas clouds.This energy is so great that when theyfirst collide, a nuclear reaction takes place and the gases inside the star begin to burn continuously.The star maintains its shape because of an equilibrium that is accomplished by the gravitational pull from the core of the star being equal to the gravitational pull of the gases.This goes on for millions of years until the fuel of the star runs out.When this happens the outward force is not as strong as the inward gravitational force, causing the star to cave in on itself.Depending on the original mass and ending mass of the star there are several things that can happen, one of them being the formation of a black hole.
It is believed that when the core of a star is so massive, the collapse of that star would cause something of an even greater mass.The mass of this new object that is creat…

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