Black Holes

A black hole is a region of space that has so much mass concentrated in it that there is no way for a nearby object to escape its gravitational pull.An example of gravity I will quote from Black Holes FAQ by Ted Bunn."Suppose that you are standing on the surface of a planet.You throw a rock straight up into the air.Assuming you don't throw it too hard, it will rise for a while, but eventually the acceleration due to the planet's gravity will make it start to fall down again.If you threw the rock hard enough, though, you could make it escape the planet's gravity entirely.It would keep on rising forever."The speed with which you need to throw the rock in order that it escapes the planet's gravity is called escape velocity.The escape velocity all depends on the mass of the planet.If a planet's mass is big, its gravity is very strong, and the escape velocity is high.A planet of smaller mass, however would have a smaller gravitational pull and a lower escape ve!
locity.Also the escape velocity also depends on how far you are from the planet's center, the closer, the higher.The Earth's escape velocity is 25,000 M.P.H. and the Moon's is 5,300 M.P.H.
A black hole is an object with such an enormous intensity of mass in such a small area that its escape velocity is greater than the velocity of light.Since nothing can go faster than light, nothing can escape a black hole.If a beam of light were shown on a black hole the gravity would suck it right in and it would never be able to escape.A black hole is created when a massive star runs out of fuel, at this point it is unable to support itself against its own gravitational pull and it should collapse on itself to create a black hole.Black holes have something, which is called the event horizon.The event horizon basically marks out the boundary of the black hole.Inside the even

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