black holes

Black holes are the evolutionary end to a massive star. Although it is hard to imagine , a black hole comes directly from a star. Stars come from dust and gas in the atmosphere , that heat up and start giving off radiation. These are known as protostars. A protostar will brighten and continually contract and rise in temperature. As the temperature increases the pressure increases which brings you to a point where the outward force balances the inward force of gravity. The dust soon vaporizes, and the gas turns opaque. Black holes are formed when a massive star or supernovae ends it's life. The process where the star evolves and then dies is called stellar evolution.At the end of a stars life it is involved in a supernovae explosion. This explosion burns away the elements in astar except for the iron core because as we know iron cannot burn.
When the iron core reaches a certain mass, a sequence of events is triggered.Gravity over rules the pressure that had been stabilizing it, and the iron core collapses. The core goes from the size of about five thousand miles to the small size of about twelve miles in less than a second.. At this point the star has reachedsingularity. Singularity is when a star is compressed to a point of zero volume and infinite density. The matter is squeezed until it occupies no space but is still technically there. Singularity is the center of the black hole that is surrounded by the event horizon. TheRadius of the event horizon is called the Schwarzchild radius of the gravitational radius.. To find the radius of the event horizon you use a specific formula. R=2gm/c, is used with c as the speed of light, and g as the universal gravitational constant. The gravitational radius and the mass are directly proportional to each other. It you had a black hole with the same mass as the sun it would have a radius of three kilometers, If you had a ten solar mass black hole the radius would be multiplie…

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