Black Hole

Curiosity in the study of Black holes was from a long time. Even though the scientist didn't knew what was there in the space that had a strange behavior. They were very well on the right track in the search of that unknown object. It wasfirst predicted in 1783 by John Mitchell and called these strange objects as dark stars. He also predicted that as far a star with a fixed mass and is within its circumference then light would not be able to escape from its surface. Further in 1796, Pierre Simon Lapace also made the same prediction as John Mitchell. The formation and the behavior of black holes are the most unique behavior that scientist had never learned and thus it further deepened their interests in black hole. The real start of modern black holes theory began in 1915, when Albert Einstein and David Hilbert formulated the Einstein field equation. This equation simply describes how mass introduces curvature to spacetime. For example: a ray of light from a distant star passing close to the surface of sun will be bent to a small but measurable amount this is called the curvature to spacetime. This equation further led to the Schwarzschild solution, discovered by Karl Schwarzchild in 1916. This predicted the properties of nonspinning, uncharged black holes. Also in the same year, German physicist Hans Reissner discovered a solution to the Schwarzchild equation that described a nonspinning, charged black hole. In 1918, Dutch physicist Gunnar Nordstrom came up with the same solution. All these discoveries laid the foundations for future work on black holes. The formation of black hole was concluded by the astronomers as when a star which is more massive than Sun will evolve more quickly will be more spendthrift on its energy resources. Probably is looses mass at rate of something like 80,000 million tons and thus it cant stand this depletion of resources for long time while Sun losses mass at rate of 4,000,000….

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