Black Death

The "Black Death" has been reported all over Europe. New cases discovered in all cities.
So far three types of "The Plague" have been found. Bubonic is thefirst and most common of the three. Bubonic is the only type that has had survivors, so far. The symptoms are: Enlarged or inflamed lymph nodes around arm pits, neck, and groin; head aches, nausea, aching joints, fever of 101-105 degrees, vomiting, and general feeling of illness.These symptoms take about 1-7 days to occur. Mortality rate recorded for the bubonic plague so far is 30-75 %.
Second we have the pneumonic plague. It is second most common. Symptoms include: slimy sputum tinted with blood, as this plague continues the sputum will become free flowing and bright red. Symptoms take the same time to occur as thefirst type. Mortality rate for this is 90-95 %.
Last we have the septicemic plague. This is the least seen of the three. Symptoms include high fever and skin turning deep shades of purple, due to DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation). Mortality rate for septicemic is close to 100 %. If any of the three types of the plague are suspected with you or others please seek medical attention.
You might start with burning incense. Juniper, laurel, pine, beech, lemon leaves, rosemary, camphor and sulfur are all types being used at the
Present time. Also you might want o bring a handkerchief with you and dip it in some aromatic oils before you leave.
Populations in all towns are dropping. Trade is also falling quickly, which is making prices everywhere rise. Crops are diminishing due to lack of workers lost from the plague. The Manor system is on a steady decline, posing many problems for everyone. It also seems the church has some questions to answer, as all their prayers and penances are failing to help stop this massacre of human life.

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