Black Death

The plague known as the "Black Death," hit sporadically throughout all of Europe from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. The rich were able to flee the plague due to their wealth but, because most of the people that lived in Europe were peasants, millions died unable to flee the plague. After the plague, the peasants had a new prospective to life. Before the plague, feudalism was the main political system throughout Europe, but after the plague, the remaining survivors only wanted to live their remaining lives pleasantly and happily as possible since they did not know when they were to die. Religious beliefs, social status, and economy played an important role during the time of crisis in Europe.
People during this period of time thought that the plague was sent by God as a punishment for their sins. The main religion in Europe during this period was Catholicism. The plague actually originated from fleas infected by dead rats and then biting humans but the very religious population of Europe thought it was the wrath of God. M. Bertrand, a physician at Marseilles states that the plague was considered a chastisement exercised by and angry God rather than natural causes. Thus the remedies pursued in the cases of ordinary maladies were belittled. Miraculous healing was also common belief because people believed that God healed as much as he would punish for their sins.Lisabetta Centenni, an Italian house wife mentions that her husband was suffering from a malignant fever which was probably caused by the plague. Sister Angelica del Macchia sent her a little piece of bread that was touched by the body of St.
Domenica and miraculously her husband was healed. Emperors and kings were also religious as the peasants were. They believed that no matter what social class they were in, they all served God. The emperor Leopold built the "Plague Column," as a gratitude for the end of the plague that ripped Vienna. Although…

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