Birth Order and Effects on Personlality

Birth Order and the Effects on Personality
The psychological effects on personality resulting from
birth order have been studied for over a century and
psychologists have recorded many fascinating results. "First
borns are reported to be more responsible and achievement
oriented then later-borns, who are in turn reported to be
more socially successful than their older siblings"
(Sulloway p. 55).First borns deal with pressure from their
parents to be the exceptionally better at everything.
"Brand-new parents tend to be a paradox when it comes to
theirfirst born child.One side of them is overprotective,
anxious, tentative, and inconsistent.The other side can be
strict in discipline, demanding, always pushing and
encouraging more and better performance" (Leman p. 62).
Personality although not completely dependent on birth order
relies heavily on which order one was born in. Birth order
effects are a result of a competition among siblings as they
Alfred Alder worked extensively with the effects of
birth order on personality. He said that thefirstborn child
was "dethroned" by the birth of the latter child.As Alder
reasoned "Sometimes a child who has lost his power, the
small kingdom he ruled, understands better than others the
importance of power and authority" (Sulloway p. 55.)."It
is natural forfirstborns to identify more strongly with
power and authority.They arrivefirst within the family
and employ their superior size and strength to defend their
special status" (Sulloway p. 19).Alder felt that
firstborns develop a striving to imitate their parents, to
feel responsible for their siblings, and to protect others.
They are often serious and don't like surprises.They
thrive on control, being on time and organized. "First
borns automatically fit into the category labeled

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