Birth Control

The Need For Birth Control In Today's World
In today's world there is a great amount of premarital sex occurring across cultures and societies.These sexual activities may have some positive elements, however, the negative elements are far more abundant.Premarital sex however satisfying it may be, may have a tremendous negativity with potential for danger.In today's world those who are engaging in premarital sex, must live with such fears as unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.These sexually transmitted diseases may be extremely harmful and often deadly.
Through the efforts of the medical industry many of today's sexually transmitted diseases may be treated and even cured.However, many individuals must learn to live with sexually transmitted diseases.Such STDs as herpes, which may be acquired through a variety of sexual acts, is never cured but only'controlled' through medication.People may live with such an STD their entire lives. On the other end of the spectrum, HIV which may ultimately lead to the acquisition of the AIDs virus often results in death.The issue of concern is that often those individuals who do or do not know that they are infected continue to engage in sexual activities and further transmit infection from one person to the next.The transfer of disease is a continuous chain only causing the spread of disease.It is for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies as well as disease that people must be educated in different methods of birth control and apply those methods in to their sexual activities.
One may believe that abstinence is really the only method of true protection.This is very much true but not realistic in today's world and our culture.For the many people engaging in premarital sex, there are many methods of birth control out on the market.If one's only concern is to avoid conception then such methods as birth con…

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