Bipolar Disorder: Patty Duke

Anna Marie Duke was born on December 14, 1946, into a disturbed household.Her father was a raging alcoholic and her mother had unstable emotions ranging from perfectly fine one minute to suicidal the next. Anna's mother had severe periods of depression and wasfirst hospitalized when Anna was 6 years old.Her mother was hospitalized two more times before she was finally diagnosed as having a manic-depressive illness.Her parents were rarely not fighting and eventually her mother kicked her father out. When her father left, her mother became more physically abusive with Anna and her two siblings.
Anna's older brother Raymond, an aspiring an actor brought Anna to the limelight through hismanagers when they discovered her hidden talents and eventually change her name to "Patty."At just eight years old, these managers told the young girl "Anna" was dead and she was "Patty now."This lead her to have an obsession with her own death.Patty went to live with these managers named Mr. and Mrs. Ross, in order to increase her chances of enhancing her acting career.Theygot her s part in The Miracle Worker, as Helen Keller and during preparation for the role Patty began drinking heavily and using drugs supplied by the Rosses in order to calm her busy life.At age 17 she received her own television series, The Patty Duke Show.Behind all the glamour and fame, Patty was merely a scared child being sexually abused by both Mr. and Mrs. Ross, the people she trusted the most.
Patty was able to escape the Rosses at the age of eighteen, when she married Harry Falk, a man nearly fifteen years her elder.During this marriage Patty encountered many episodes of depression, used drugs excessively, attempted suicide, and became anorexic. This marriage ended badly when Harry had an affair with another woman and broke Patty 's heart.Throughout Patty's life there would be two more fail…

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