Bipolar Disorder

Of the United State's population, 1.6% has bipolar disorder.About one out of every seven people will get bipolar disorder every year. Almost the amount of men and women who have it are the same. It is also known as manic-depressive illness, but women's chances of it are twice as likely than men. Out of all the people that have bipolar disorder, research says that it is common that only a third of them will get treatment, and that two thirds that do have a disorder will seek treatment and be misdiagnosed.What bipolar disorder is are mood swings that vary from high and irritable to feeling sad and hopeless, and this is a cycle that continues back and forth.People that suffer from this disorder usually feel like they are on a roller coaster because one minute they are happy, then they are sad, and very depressed, and then they go back to feeling happy.
Of all of the causes of bipolar disorder, the fact that it is genetic is number one. If one parent has bipolar disorder the chances of their child inheriting it or developing it is 27-30%. If both parents have it their chances of having it too increases to 50-75%. There are times where the person does not have in since the time they were born. In fact 70% of all cases of bipolar disorder occurs after they turn twenty-years-old. However a friend of mine got it when he was seventeen years old, so it does vary. His mother also has it.In general, the onset of bipolar disorder is in adolescence and young adulthood.
Another cause of bipolar disorder is stressful life events. For example if there is a death in the family, a divorce, or a loss of a job.Those are the top three factors that cause depression. As we all know, people handle stress differently.Some people are stronger emotionally where they can handle these things, while others just can't handle stress at all.
A chemical imbalance is also a cause. When neurotransmitters, which are called chemicals that…

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