Bipolar disorder

The topic I chose for my internet assignment is Bipolar Disorder.I chose this disorder because I find it to be very interesting and I also know someone who has been diagnosed with it.
>From my research I learned many things about Bipolar Disorder.It affects around 1% of the population and it fits into the category of affective disorders.People experience the disorder in many different ways.Some experience”full blown mania” while others react in a more subtle way.Usually there are periods of depression between the mania, but not always. The cause of the disorder has still not been determined, but 50% of people who suffer from it are known to have a family history of manic depression.There is not yet a cure for Bipolar Disorder although, it is treatable with medications and therapy.
Online Dictionary of Mental Health. (2000) The Mercurial Mind, [online]. Available: [2000, January 27]
Thefirst web site I visited was The Mercurial Mind: Living with Bipolar Disorder. This site answered questions such as what does bipolar disorder feel like, how do mental health professionals determine whether or not you have bipolar disorder and how does bipolar disorder affect the lives of the people who have it.The information is laid out in a clear and accurate manner.I found the information to be useful and learned a lot from the site. The author of the site states at the bottom of the second page that he is not a health care professional. He was diagnosed with the disease when he was 39 years old, so although he may be a useful source I am not sure how credible he is.His site has been online since January 2000 and he has already had 35,929 hits, which I think is pretty good.There is a place on the site to sign the guest book and also send in an e-mail if you have any more questions.This site has won numerous awards from internet critics.
Sister Leslie. (2000) The Bipolar Planet…

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