Biotic Organism ID

· The Osprey is usually 21-24" in length.It's wingspan is usually 4'6"-6'.It has a brown back and white belly.The Osprey's head is white with a dark line through the eye and on the side of the face.It is found near lakes, rivers and seacoasts.
· The osprey was observed on a bird watching trip on September 22, 2001, between the times of 10:00 am and 10:30 pm.Mr. Russell Kovach, as well as myself saw the bird resting on power lines over the water on the lowerside of the Conowingo Dam
1. Known as the "Fish Hawk"
2. Often misidentified, because at a distance the Osprey resembles a gull.
3. Once a fish is sighted, the osprey dives steeply and sometimes completely underwater to make a catch.
4. If an osprey makes a catch, it always adjusts the fish in its talons, so that the head of the fish faces forward.
5. Population declined drastically because of pesticides used in the'50's and'60's, but has since made a remarkable recovery
· The Cedar Waxwing is usually 6?-8" in length.The cedar waxwing is a sleek, crested, brown bird.It has a black face, yellow tips on its tail, and red wax-like tips on its secondary wingtips. It is found near open woodlands, residential areas, as well as near orchards.Inhabits areas from mid-Canada through America.
· The cedar Waxwing was spotted on a bird watching trip on September 22, 2001, around 9:00 am.The bird was seen on a shedding tree located on the outskirts of the dense woods of Susquehanna State Park by Mr. Kovach, as well as myself.
1. Waxwings spend most of their time in flocks whose movements are quite erratic.
2. Enemy of Berry Farmers, because hundreds will appear at a crop of berries and eat until the entire crop is exhausted
3. Adults store food for their young in a "crop", a pouch located in the throat, and are able to regurgitate as many as 30 …

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