Obviously the benefits reaped by biotechnology are not easily overlooked. Many of those who belief humankind might be doing something ethically wrong realize that it could as well help mankind greatly.
With an ever growing number of mouths to feed and with the even more limited means to feed those persons, a more sustainable, more economical, and more environmentally friendly method of producing food is essential. It has the potential to develop crops that are drought tolerant and self-fertilizing, thereby increasing overall yield. It is also capable of fortifying crops with nutrients needed for basic health and for delivering much needed vaccines to people living in developing countries.
There are those who are opposed to biotechnology, however. The arguments usually made by these people, though, do not hold water: “myths collide fatally with reality once rhetoric is set aside and the facts are considered dispassionately.” Some of the arguments are not even based on facts but rather ethical dilemma such as nature did not intend for us to have the ability to interbreed. Are we not part of nature? Was humankind an accident? As far as my knowledge serves me we are animals created by nature. Does that mean that the ideas we conjure were not intended by nature? If we are part of nature any means we have to attaining a better food source is also a part of nature.
The main problem I see with biotechnology is that investments are being made at such an incredible quantity that if biotechnology does not turn out the best results quickly, it will give whatever it creates, even if it only reached a minute portion of its potential, simply to suffice to the demands made by investors. In other words even if biotechnology was on the brink of concluding how to permanently provide the world with an endless amount of food supply, it would be hindered by that fact that there is a time limit to produce these results.

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