Throughout the industrial age, our society and environment has been
completely modified by collecting and transforming massive amounts of
inorganic materials.Numerous metals, minerals, and fossil fuels are
mined, filtered, dug, and pumped from the earth.They are then burned,
hammered, soldered, melted, restructured, and recombined to create the
machines, structures, and artifacts of the modern world.
We are now adding living human material to the inorganic matter
being transformed in our system of production.Advances in gene
technology have enabled us to begin the engineering and commodification
of the over 100,000 genes of the human body as well as the genetic makeup
of all other living things (Yount, 50).With current genetic engineering
technology, it is becoming possible to snip, insert, recombine, rearrange,
edit, program, and produce genetic materials in almost the same way as
our ancestors were able to separate, collect, utilize, and exploit inorganic
Without question, genetic engineering represents the ultimate tool in
the manipulation of life, the ultimate technology of the human body shop
(Kimbrell, 145).It extends humanity's reach over the forces of nature, and
over the human body, as no other technology in history has.Scientists
have become capable of reprogramming the genetic codes of living things
to suit our society's social and economic needs.With this discovered
ability to manipulate and engineer the genes of living organisms, a new
role in the natural scheme is assumed.For thefirst time in history,
scientists have the potential for becoming the co-directors of evolution.
Though the gene revolution is only a few decades old, its beginnings
have already taken on mythic proportions.In 1953, two young scientists,
James Watson and Francis Crick used X rays, molecular model building,
and the compiled research of many other scientists and dis…

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