Recent developments in Nanotechnology (a technology that concerns structures, devices and phenomena where the critical functionality occurs on a length scale which encompasses the range between atomic distances and the limit of optical resolution 0.1nm to 250nm), and Bionanotechnology (a branch of Nanotechnology that either uses biological starting materials, biological design principles, or has biological applications) are enabling biologists to confront fundamental questions about protein functions.It is anticipated that in the future both technologies will enable scientists to construct man made devices on the molecular scale.

Nano and bionanotechnologies are being devised to equip scientists and engineers with a “nano-tool kit”.These tools will allow us to visualize and manipulate molecules and atoms, measure interactions between molecules and build devices on the molecular scale.We plan to use from one to millions or billions of these units in parallel or series together in complex ways.These complex machines are meant to be used in construction or analytical processes.

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Biological sections of Nanotechnology are a priority area of the BBSRC’s (biotechnology and biological science research council) engineering and biological systems committee. Nanoscale biotechnology, which deals with analytical biotechnology, separation science, tissue engineering and, biomaterial design and drug delivery systems, is the main priority area of the BBSRC biological systems committee. These applications are particularly encouraged in these areas of study.

Surface chemistry, including immobilization techniques and biomolecular patterning methods, such as imprinting and micro-contact flow, for the development of applications in sensor and biological microsystem design.
Nanofabrication and molecular assembly, including the biological development of tissue and cellular scaffolds, and the preparation of two- and three-dimensional arrays…

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