BioMedical Symposium

The Annual Symposium on Career Opportunities in BioMedical Science is a very worth-while program to attend.I honestly believe that by attending the BioMedical Symposium I will broaden my horizons and my knowledge of careers in BioMedical Sciences.I feel that by attending this program representation of African-Americans and other minorities the health professions will be improved.I truly think that by being a participant in the BioMedical Symposium I will be introduced to interesting and rewarding career opportunities that will help me in my future endeavors. The BioMedical Symposium will attribute to my future as an academic student and as a professional doctor.I feel in my heart that this is a tremendous program that will have a rewarding impact on the number of minorities in health-related sciences. Also I feel that the BioMedical Symposium will give great inside to the number of promising doctors between the years of 2009-2013.With the information gained from the BioMedical Symposium students who attend will get better grades, be academically inclined to receive scholarships for college, and praise from fellow students. The program will promote efforts that improve the quality and availability of health care to minority and under- served populations.It also promotes research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and treatment of diseases, disabilities and adverse health problems that disproportionately or differentially affect minority populations.The symposium furthers public education on prevention and promoting healthy lifestyles among minority and under-served populations. This program will help me facilitate new directions in the area of minority health by supporting intellectual exchange of scientific and medical information. By attending the BioMedical Symposium I feel that my goal of trying to education myself more about BioMedical research will be reached. Also I feel that my goal of becoming a medic…

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