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Thesis: During the 1970s, the Vietnam War gripped the hearts and minds of people across America. It influenced anti-war demonstrations like Non-war rallies and Streaking.
Seventies life was mainly focused on the Vietnam War. High school sweets were losing their sweethearts in war. This caused nationwide flares in emotions toward the government and local authorities. People turned to anti-war rallies and streaking as a response to the highly opposed war. However, knowledge of fallen loved ones in both the war and protests led to an escalated lack of respect for authority.
On May 4, 1970, protestors rallied at Kent State University to detest the president's decision to deploy more U.S. troops in Cambodia. The protestors feared that the deployment of more troops would simply bring more deaths and grievances to American citizens. To their surprise, blood was shed on the very site of the protest when the coast guard killed four protestors and wounded nine others. This incident only caused increased tensions between anti-war protestors and government authorities.
Although there were political disputes between many college students and local authorities, some students did find time to create more wild and stupid fads. Harvard University student Jay Bennett initiated what soon became a popular fad by chewing up light bulb glass into a fine powder and digesting it with some salad dressing or granola. The biggest year for streaking was 1974.Streakers in Texas streaked for over five hours, while over1,500 streakers appeared in Georgia. Even though streaking was considered a fun thing to do, most people in the seventies only streaked near political events.
Thesis: It was all "Groovy" when it came to fads and fashion in the 1970s.
It was all "Groovy" when it came to fads and fashions in the 1970s. From platforms and bellbottoms to the shag and the afro, the seventies was wild. There was no sarcasm in t…

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