If there is no variation or it is only acquired, then evolution can not occur.Evolution is described as the gradual change of a species caused by variation in genetics into a new species.Therefore, without variation there is no change to the species, and without change there is no evolution.Also, if all the progeny survive to equally reproduce evolution will be halted again.First, if all the progeny survive and equally reproduce there population would grow exponentially and would soon become extinct.If they didn't become extinct, evolution would not take place because the struggle for existence a.k.a. survival of the fittest is a factor that causes evolution to occur.When only the strong survive they pass down there positive traits to the next generation, but if the entire population equally reproduces the positive qualities would not be isolated and passed on.
An insect wings and a bird wing are not considered evidence of relatedness because they are not homologous structures.If they were homologous, insect's wings and bird's wings would have the same bone structure and types of bones.Yet, they are analogous which means they serve the same function but aren't similar in construction or ancestry.So, even though they perform the same task they do not relate the two animals.
The population contains a large amount of genetic information because it is passed down from generation to generation.When animals reproduce there offspring contain a combination of both parents genetic information, but only part of it is visible.The traits that are visible are either dominant or shared recessive by both parents. So the better traits will be passed on because of survival of the fittest, but the offspring might still carry those recessive traits that there parent has but does not show.
Allopatric speciation would be less common on an island close to mainland because there would be many opportunities for …

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