Biology, Structure of an Amino Acid

If you are not familiar with biology, the concept to understand how the body works is quite simple.First, the human body has different biological functions VS its structure. "Using italic words as a comparison" (Ancient Egyptian society has different hierarchical classes of people and they all occupied different roles and functions in a society). Here is a list of decreasing biological order in a human body: organism level, organ system level, organelle level, molecular level and atomic level. * Because the human body is very sensitive to its surroundings (just like the falling cards, if one card falls, the other will follow the samething), therefore if one biological level is malfunction, other parts in this body will also be affected. (We'll discuss the cause and the effect of this disease (I chose one) in Part II of this report. The purpose in this experiment is to study what are the possible factors that can be affected the normal function of the enzyme. This are based o!
n the experimental data (and using these data to plot 5 different curves) came from the 5 parts of this exercise (you can find the complete procedure, the titles of all these (5) parts, and much more… in the biology lab manual. What is an Enzyme?Enzyme is a class of proteins serving as catalysts, chemical agents that change the rate of a reaction without being consumed by the reaction. * in 1902 the German chemist Ostwald gave thefirst adequate definition of a catalyst: "a substance which alters the velocity (rate) of a chemical reaction without appearing in the end product."*What is a protein? A protein is a three-dimensional biological polymer constructed from a set of 20 different monomers called amino acids. * What is an amino acid? An amino acid is an organic molecule possessing both carboxyl and amino groups. Amino acids serve as the monomers of proteins. * If you find the concept of enzymes and proteins are abstract, you…

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