Biology Nutrition Paper

Everyone has different eating habits and it their habits may be healthy or unhealthy.I kept track of everything I ate for a 24 hour period from breakfast to when I went to sleep.Using nutrition analysis plus I found out that my calorie intake, protein intake, total fat intake, my saturated fat intake, and my cholesterol intake was at least 100 percent or more for the day I recorded what I ate.My vitamin A RE intake and my Thiamin-B1 intake was at least 100 percent or more for the day I kept a record of what I ate.My iron intake, phosphorus intake, and sodium intake were all above 100 percent.The program gave me a graph that calculated how much I am suppose to consume according to my age,weight, height, and activity level.So what I found out when I analyzed my graph was that I was missing some important nutrients and also had more of some nutrients than I am suppose to.
To become a healthier person I must increase my fiber intake by eating whole grain breads and cereals.I can also increase my carbohydrates intake by eating more fruits and vegetables.My protein intake is at 214 percent so I can cut down on the meat and eating healthier vegetables.By taking a Centrum complete vitamin I can increase the percentage of my vitamin intake to at least 100 percent.So by getting into a diet with more grain intake, fruit intake, vegetable intake, a vitamin intake and cut on half of my protein intake I could become a healthier person.Of course becoming a more active person by doing exercises would also help me stay healthy.

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