Biology Molecule

-man is high 50’s to 60% water
-distribution in body divided into 3 compartments:
2) intercellular/interstitial fluid – 11 litres – 80%
-water’s properties result from its structure and molecular interactions
-polar covalent bonds and asymmetrical shape give it opposite charges on
-electrons spend more time around O giving H a slight positive charge
-hydrogen bonds form between the oxygen of one molecule and the
-cohesion: substance being held together by hydrogen bonds
-hydrogen bonds are transient yet enough is always held together to give
water more structure than almost any other liquid
-beads and meniscus formed by cohesion (also helps upward transport of
-adhesion counteracts downward pull of gravity
-water has greater surface tension than most liquids
-surface molecules are hydrogen bonded to molecules below and around
-surface tension can hinder life (i.e. beading in the alveoli of lungs)
-makes water “unwettable”
-surfactants used to counteract this
-water has a high specific heat which allows it to resist extreme temperature
-has a high heat of vaporization that causes it to require alot of energy to
-when sweating, heat energy is utilized to change states from liquid to gas,
-as a solid water is less dense than as a liquid and will float
-charged regions of molecules have an electrical attraction to charged ions
-water surrounds ions separating and shielding them from one another
-polar compounds are generally soluble
-charged regions of water are attracted to oppositely charged regions of
-polar molecules are miscible in other polar liquids
-most water molecules don’t dissociate (~ 1/554 million do)
-hydrogen atom in hydrogen bond between the two water molecules may
shift from the oxygen atom it is covalently bonded to the unshared orbitals of
the oxygen that it is hydrogen bonded to
-hydrogen ion is transferred creating a hydronium io…

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