biology lab

Purpose: To study the relationship between time and weight changes in the cotyledons and embryos of the beans.
Thefirst step that needed to be taken was picking out the beans.My lab partner and I decided to take 30 large beans and then brought them back to our desk.Then we chose ten beans and broke them into two cotyledons and one embryo each.After using our fingers to brake the ten beans in two, we collected all the cotyledons and weighed them in grams on a balance.We then did the same with the embryos.Once their weight was recorded, the 20 remaining beans were put on a paper towel in two rows of ten and then rolled up.A rubber band was then put around the towel to secure the beans from walling and the paper towel was moistened with water to put it in a beaker with more water.The beans were unraveled two days later and the same measurements were done with ten new beans.The rest were wrapped up again and stored for another four days.After being stored for six days in total, the last ten beans were measured just like the other 20.
7. The general relationship between the change in weight of the cotyledons and of the embryos was not what I expected it to be.Over the six days the weight of the cotyledons decreased while the weight of the embryos increased.The cotyledon weight between day 0 and day 2 slightly decreased yet from day 2 to day 6 there was a greater decrease.On the other hand the embryos increase was very steady, going up .10 day 2 and day 6.
8. The change in weight was due to the bean absorbing water and growing.Since the bean was germinating, the embryos need food, which is

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