Biology Lab Report

Ourfirst lab report dealt with the use of a microscope.This was achieved by inoculating a petri dish to get bacteria and then making a simple slide stain.The slides were then observed by using a microscope.
The petri dish wasfirst divided into two sides.On thefirst side, the inoculation was made by placing a dime on it.The second side was a finger-print.We then allowed the petri dishes to sit idle for one week, in the dark, at room temperature.The results turned out great.
The dish definitely showed a decent amount of growth upon it.Side one would probably be rated a ++, on a ++++ scale.Side two however only received a +.Due to the results, I only concentrated on side one.This sample showed a great deal of visible colony characteristics.It fit into the category of being round, with a scalloped margin.The color of the bacteria was yellow.The margins appeared to be smooth for the most part, with a definite raised elevation.The next step was to prepare a slide for viewing.
Thefirst step was to place a drop of water on the slide.We then took a toothpick and scraped a portion of the bacteria, and spread it over the slide.The next step was to let the slide air dry.After drying, we placed it over a flame to kill the bacteria and fix the cells to the glass.We then proceeded to cover the sample with drops of dye.After the drying and blotting with bibulous paper, it was time to examine.
Atfirst, views weren't real in depth.It was hard to make out specific characteristics.After the oil immersion and high powered magnification, the results were clear.The bacteria appeared to be rods and diplobacilli.In some cases, there were also chains of rods.For the most part however, they were spread apart in clusters.
This lab exercise proved to be very beneficial.It was interesting to see how the inoculations grew into easily viewable bacteria.We also learned how to prepa…

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