Biology experiment

To investigate the factors affecting the rate of growth of mustard seeds.
The key factors that will affect the germination of the mustard seeds:
· Temperature: as many plants germinate more rapidly in the warm.
· Water: as water normally controls germination.
· Oxygen: as seeds rapidly take in oxygen during germination.
· Light: as some plants need light to germinate.
· Dark: as most plants germinate in the dark.
· Soil composition: the richer in nutrient the soil is the better the seeds.
· Temperature: helps the plants to grow.
· Sunlight: gives the plant energy to grow and energy for photosynthesis.
· Moisture level: water is needed for growth and is absorbed and circulated
· Soil composition: depending on how rich in nutrients the soil is will help the
· Space: is needed for the plant to survive.
· Nutrients: help the plant to grow.
· Carbon dioxide: is essential during photosynthesis.
In my experiment I am going to test how the mustard seeds grow in different soils and materials.
1) I predict that from my experiment the mustard seeds in the compost will grow the fastest and strongest because compost is a fertiliser and is rich in minerals and nutrients and this will make the seeds grow faster and stronger.
2) I also predict that the seeds in the cotton wool will grow the slowest as there are no nutrients in the cotton wool and because it will soak up the water.
My experiment will show how Mustard seeds grow in different soils and materials.I think the seeds that will grow the strongest will be the ones that are planted in the compost.Compost is an Organic material decomposed by bacteria under controlled conditions to make a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer for use in gardening or farming.Compost is a fertilizer and all fertilisers contain Nitrogen for the growth of the leaves and stem, Phosphorus f…

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