Biological Weapons

Since the dawn of the last century, man's technological capabilities and knowledge of science have been developing and expanding at a rapid rate and as a result of that, they have been researching, developing, manufacturing, and using "weapons of mass destruction."1 This category of weapons includes biological weapons. The purpose of biological weapons is to eliminate biological entities, especially humans, by using biological substances.1 Even though biological weapons have been prohibited since 1972, these deadly weapons are still being used.2 The anthrax attacks that followed the September 11th terrorist attack is a perfect example that shows the possibility of a biological attack in the future on civilian targets, rather than military targets. The best possible way for us to protect ourselves from this major problem is to be informed; learn and know about the characteristics of these weapons, their capabilities, and how they work. Being informed allows us to develop knowledge of common sense and ability to act quickly and accordingly to current the situation.
This research report is concentrated on the effects of biological weapons on the human body. The main groups of biological weapons should consist of the bacteria group, the virus group, and the biological toxin group. The different groups of biological weapons kill humans by invading the human body through inhalation, food, or open wounds and then devastate the body by producing toxic substances or by conducting parasitic activities.
Generally speaking, biological weapons are substances made up of diseasing causing microorganisms, or pathogens, which are used as military weapons.3 Biological weapons are very unconventional and not used very often.3 They belong in the same category that nuclear weapons and chemical weapons are placed.2 These weapons are considered to be one of the most terrible weapons ever created by humans and they are thought to be amon…

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